Why Books Are Great Gifts

Why a Book Is the Best Gift You Can Give Anyone


The book is a useful, practical and beautiful present. It’s a present that you can open over and over again. It’s best if you have some new books set aside, so you can skip the worries of looking for an adequate present in the very last moment. Read 10 reasons, why is a book always a great present.

  1. The book has no expiration date.
  2. The book does not take much space, while waiting for a new owner in a closet.
  3. It’s easier to gift wrap a book than a football.
  4. The book does not need batteries.
  5. The book is never of the wrong color or size.
  6. Books do not cause allergies.
  7. It’s easy and cheap to send a book by post.
  8. The book does not need to be assembled before the use.
  9. By ageing the book gets on its value.
  10. When you finish reading the book, you are richer and the book is not empty! https://www.minipoliglotini.com/en/blog/posts/why-is-a-book-always-a-great-gift-10-reasons

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