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Question: Do I have to open a new account?

Answer:  NO. You do not have or need to open a new account.  

Question: Do I lose my points, rewards, etc., from my established stores?

Answer:   NO. All your rewards, points etc., are still in your account with your favorite stores.   

Question: Does my purchase here count towards my accounts at my favorite stores?

Answer:  YES. Every purchase you make from our listed partners counts towards your established accounts with those stores / brands.   Again, you NEVER lose your points from ore relationship with your established / favorite stores/ brands.

MOLDASLLC partners with your trusted brands/stores from the following categories: Books, Education, Home & Garden, Clothing, Entertainment, Electronics, Financial Services, Travel, and more. The streamlined user interface provides allows visitors to easily find the stores / brands they are looking for without having to click many websites – e.g. Kohl’s, Amazon, Macy’s, JCPenney, Best Buy, eBay, Abebooks, NIKE, QVC, Southwest, Credit Karma, Car Rentals, and much more. Everything is brought under one roof at no additional cost to you. Moldasllc, invites you to check out the following sites as we continue to bring you quality brands at affordable prices. Men’s fashion underwear offers quality brand-names underwear at affordable prices at #https://mens-fashion-underwear.com.  Natural ways to reduce or get rid of back pains #https://howtogetridoflowerbackpainfast.com. Motivate yourself and Inspire others through #https://motivational-books.org

Some listings take you to a Yazing site. That is OK. Yazing is a site that provides coupons you can use towards your purchase

If you have difficulties accessing any of our affiliate’s site or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions to improve our service, use the ‘Contact Us ‘. We will be glad to hear from you. Happy shopping!   

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